Raleigh Growing Like Crazy!

9 Feb

Raleigh, NC has just been ranked #4 of America’s fastest growing cities! Check out the stats here and here


Decorating With Pumpkins

22 Oct

Every Autumn, the pumpkin suddenly appears when you least expect it and in places you might have never thought of. Pumpkin sneaks its way into your morning coffee, cozy candles and even savory dishes like risotto and chili! What ever happened to a good old-fashioned jack-o-lantern? If your taste and smell senses are being overloaded by this beloved gourd, try giving the pumpkin a place that’s easy on the eyes instead. Rachelraymag.com has a great list of adorable ways to decorate with pumpkins and give your jack-o-lantern some extra oomph. Try covering your pumpkin with spiders or carve an arrow into your pumpkins with candles placed inside to guide trick-or-treaters to your front door. If carving is not your forte, dress them up in silly hats with painted faces like the one pictured here. Whichever way you like your pumpkin, enjoy them this fall season and have fun decorating!

arrow pumpkin spider pumpkin

DIY Halloween Decor

21 Oct

Buying Halloween decorations is easy, but making your own can be much more fun! If you have a little time on your hands between now and the end of the month, consider making your own luminaries, a fun wreath for the front door or even a giant spider to spook trick-or-treaters! Any Google search will unfold a plethora of creepy decoration ideas and Pinterest is a great site to find clever projects using items you may already have around your house! Whatever you decide to make for this Hallows Eve, handmade decor will make your home stand out amongst the Big-Box Store decorations and provide fun projects to make yourself or with friends and family


How Your Septic System Works

12 Oct

Tiny Houses!

8 Oct

I really love how people can take a small relatively unusable piece of land and make into something wonderful and cheap to build! Certainly gives me some ideas for small lots here around town.

Lot for Sale in Apex

12 Aug

Front of Lot 1(2)

Located at 291 Canyon Creek Way in Apex, NC, this beautiful lot can be yours to build a home of your own! The listing price is $199,900. Please contact David Rutledge with any inquiries at rutledges@kw.com
Here is a link to the virtual tour for this lot

A/C-Lowering Your Energy Bill

18 Jun

As the temperature outside climbs ever higher, your energy bill is probably doing the same. Looking to cut costs? Follow these tips to keep the temperature in your home, and your bills, lower.

1.Adjust the thermostat- If you have central air controlled by a thermostat, use a programmable thermostat to save energy by increasing the heat significantly during the day when the house is empty. You can give up a couple degrees at night, too – especially on the hottest days. You may be surprised to find that the contrast between outdoor and indoor temperatures matters as much as the absolute temperature inside your home. When home, aim to set the temperature at 78 degrees to balance comfort with energy and cost savings. Together with winter energy savings, a programmable thermostat used properly can save the average home up to $150.

2.Clean the air filter-Whether you have central air or a room air conditioner, a dirty filter will reduce its efficiency, making it use more energy and cost more money to do the same job. Check your HVAC system’s air filter monthly and expect to change the filter every three months.

3.Get an annual checkup– If you have central air, consider an annual checkup – once should cover both the heating and the cooling season. A professional should be able to diagnose any inefficiencies before you’ve wasted money on monthly heating and cooling bills.

4.Think small– Cooling one room with a window air conditioning unit requires much less energy (and investment) than a central air system. Ask yourself how you’ll use your new air conditioner, and choose the smallest option that works. The government’s Energy Star site has a handy guide to help you choose the right air conditioner for your space.

5. Buy Energy Star– Whether you’re buying a central air conditioner (which could qualify for a tax credit) or a room unit, efficiency matters. An Energy Star central air system will use about 14% less energy than minimum government standards, and a room air conditioner will save at least 10%. Use the Energy Star Website before making a purchase, because while the vast majority of the 1,000-plus Energy Star window air conditioners barely meet the standards by using just 10% less energy than a standard model, some are clearly a better value. Compared to the typical, these nine models use at least 25% less energy:



Source- http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/family/budget/save-money-air-conditioning-0708